How do you allow festival goers to share their ‘I was there’ experience of the famous Summerset festival? Cue a custom photography rig and a 1.3 gigapixel photograph of 70,000 people at the Pyramid Stage on the second day of the festival.

After the event, the photo was made available on a Flash-based site where people could zoom into the crowd and tag themselves using Facebook Connect. This familiar functionality ensured low barriers to entry and took photo tagging to a scale never before achieved.

Users had multiple incentives to participate: to brag and reminisce, but also to connect with people they met at the festival. Integration with Facebook made every interaction visible across hundreds of Facebook news feeds, where the GlastoTag experience could weave naturally into existing Glastonbury chatter.

We also bagged ourself a Guinness World Record for ‘the most tagged people in an online photo’.