What a great project, the website for the prestigious Number 10 Downing Street.

The new site was a complete departure from the previous website, being much less text heavy and with a stronger focus on news from Number 10. With a brief to simplify the design and the ease with which the site can be updated, the decision was made to launch the new site using WordPress as a publishing platform.

Whilst retains much of its popular educational and historical content from the previous site, the new site employs a fresher design and simpler layout. The homepage features news from Number 10 and includes an initial video greeting from the Prime Minister.

As well as the latest news, has a key emphasis on video and image content, this can be seen on both the ‘Top Story’ box on the homepage, which can be used to house either a video or an image, and through the new video channel, ‘Number 10 TV’. The site also pulls on Number 10’s feeds from Flickr, YouTube and Twitter.